Our vision is to unlock human potential, particularly for those in disadvantaged positions. We’re inspired by passion for striving for the well-being of people and we believe that timely and accurate information can empower societies to achieve their full potential.

Our commitment is towards making an effort to empower people with information about education and health. The mission is to reach out to everyone in need, over the 718 districts, all over India. In this mission we cannot stand alone and succeed. We are looking forward to building partnerships that bring together the best human resources, skills, expertise, and vision—to drive change.

There are multiple ways you can join and support us. You can join us as a counsellor or a mentor. We are seeking support of volunteer teachers, career counsellors, peer mentors, technologists, doctors, communication professionals, psychologists and human resource managers who are willing to devote at least two hours every month in mentoring less privileged students and youth in different fields in different parts of India. We invite you to join us in this initiative and become a member of e-Hub.

As a mentor or counsellor you can:

  • Teach students and youth what you know
  • Help less privileged applicants apply to top universities
  • Provide applicants with encouragement, application support and tips
  • Provide mental wellbeing counselling
  • Give back to your community
  • Build your own skills, knowledge and network

You can also partner with by establishing e-Hub in your district that will facilitate the opportunities for the youth and students in your district. We’re also open to affiliating with existing foundations and NGOs to become a part of this initiative and collaborate with us on a mission for education and health. So if you want to establish e-Hub in your district and are willing to spare some time and resources, you can register here and our team will get in touch with you soon with more details.

If you're a student, you can join us and avail career counselling mentoring support. Reaching out to an eHub will give you access to all the information and educational resources that you need to make informed decisions about your career and life. The e-Hub will offer career counselling for students through tailor-made courses that will cater to the age- specific needs of students across grades 10th and12th and also to graduate students. The e-Hub will help youth identify factors influencing their career development and help them assess their interests, abilities, and values. It will also provide counselling to students for various admission processes, stream selection, preparation for job interviews and fellowships abroad, among other career counselling and mentorship opportunities.