Career Resources

As an Integral part of our belief, DataLEADS Foundation has undertaken the initiative of empowering the communities across the districts and we therefore aim at training about 20-30 teachers from the local schools. Creating a chain of systems in the way that the information is reached to the students will not only ensure employment but will also help us in achieving better results, as students and the parents of those students would have a sense of familiarity and comfort with the teachers and would therefore be able to receive the information with larger accuracy and depth. With the central idea of having resources available at people’s disposal, we strive to expand the horizons of our learning resources and hence will provide informational resources and well as material resources available at all times at the e Hub. With exclusive courses that are designed to cater to all age groups, inclusivity and universality are our ultimate destinations. We’re constantly growing and expanding and are always open for new members who are willing to join our initiative and make it their own.

We are committed to assisting students in achieving their academic goals through empowerment and education. The e-Hub will provide guidance and information about career choices, higher education and personal care, and will connect students to new resources and opportunities. The hub will offer exclusive resources for teachers as well. When you sign up to become an e-Hub trainer and career counsellor, you will enter a pan-India community of educators who want to ignite creativity in every student. As a trainer and educator, you can build mentorship and career counselling skills that will directly benefit your students. Network with other teachers, share experiences, ideas and inspiration and earn recognition and rewards for novel learning and work.

Student Resources:

Reaching out to an eHub will give you access to all the information and educational resources that you need to make informed decisions about your career and life. The e-Hub will offer career counselling for students through tailor-made courses that will cater to the age- specific needs of students across grades 10th and12th and also to graduate students. The e-Hub will help youth identify factors influencing their career development and help them assess their interests, abilities, and values. It will also provide counselling to students for various admission processes, stream selection, preparation for job interviews and fellowships abroad, among other career counselling and mentorship opportunities. We also have a village public library at your convenience to help you build literary and reading skills, as well as network with others with similar interests.

Teacher Resources :

The e-Hub will serve as a platform for mentorship. We will select and train 20-30 teachers in each district from across India and provide them the necessary training, resources and skills required to carry out career counselling and mentorship for students in their district. Teachers will be trained at boot camps conducted in-person and online by experts who will design the curriculum. Once trained, the teachers will conduct career counselling training for students at their institutions and areas. Interested teachers, academicians, career counsellors, psychologists and civil society thought leaders can join this course. Taking part in the e-Hub workshops and training has benefits including exclusive membership, certification of completion of the training, and an opportunity to become a part of a unique pan-India education and information initiative to empower youth.

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