Health & Wellness

The concept of health is dynamic, wherein, it doesn’t only mean the absence of disease but a state of complete mental, physical and emotional well-being . We at DataLEADS Foundation recognize that, and work towards achieving universal and holistic health for all, across India. While the sector of health is extremely wide, maternal health, (prenatal and postnatal care) and mental health are the areas we intend to work closely in. While maternal health is an important sector to make sure that determinants like the morality rates (both by IMR and MMR) go down, the life expectancy increases and the overall quality of child development increases, our other focus on mental health makes sure that there are enough means for people to cope up with the daily stressors of life and regulate their emotions for better professional and personal handling.

According to the statistics provided by WHO, about 810 women die everyday due to lack of prenatal and childbirth causes which according to the data, were preventable. Our aim at DataLEADS foundation is to initiate a dialogue about the healthcare needed for women during and after pregnancy. The report claims that most of the burden of inadequate maternal health and deaths is suffered by Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. An important factor in preventing this is access to adequate information about pregnancy along with debunking myths associated with pregnancy and childbirth. The central aim of DataLEADS revolves around debunking the plethora of false information on pregnancy and also providing women across India with correct information regarding carrying a pregnancy.

Mental health is an important constituent of wellbeing. The increased dialogue around mental health across urban areas has initiated a change in the outlook of people with respect to the concerns that and stigma that persists around mental health. There’s also an increased awareness about the ways of seeking professional help in times of need. There is, however, little to no awareness about the persistence of mental health issues across rural India. This problem is further intensified due to the social stigma attached to any issues related to mental health. We hence feel an increased need to aware the masses with accurate information on mental health, ways of coping with negative stressors, deluging its disorders like depression, anxiety etc. and also ways on improving the overall quality of mental health in people. We also aim at debunking stigma around mental health initiating a conversation.

The goal here is to bring about a dialogue and discussion into play to create awareness about health care and wellness issues that have plausible solutions and also hold an immense potential of making a difference with little steps of change.