About Us

DataLEADS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in India, that is aimed at inspiring and empowering people with information on education and health and to connect them to new opportunities.

We strive for sustained and holistic growth in the area of education and health through our belief in the power of information. The foundation is guided by the core belief of founders that equal and timely access to information can enriches people's lives and advance societies.

Our focus will be on providing the youth access to information and skills in health and education. Our work in the field of health is aimed at saving lives and helping families and communities thrive with access to both physical and mental well being. Our initiative on education is aimed to ensure that individuals have information and knowledge that they need to achieve the promise in their lives.

By enabling access to accurate and timely information we aim to contribute to reducing social inequality, thereby promoting human development. In an effort to empower the youth in unleashing their potential, DataLEADS Foundation has launched a Pan-India initiative called Empowerment Hub (e-Hubs) which will serve as a window to information, counselling and mentorship for the youth. Our mission begins at home, from a small village in Jhunjhunu, a district in the state of Rajasthan, where we have established our first e-Hub.

By 2026, we aim to set-up 718 e-Hubs, approximately one e-Hub in every district of India. The e-Hubs will function as a window to information pertaining to economic opportunities, civic engagement, education and health. The hubs will also build the capacity of local communities to avail benefits of digital technology including a spectrum of online services.

DataLEADS Foundation will collaborate with strategic partners in implementation. In 2020, in collaboration with the Australia India Institute, the foundation conducted a series of Master-classes for students to equip them with various skills needed beyond the classroom. We’ll forge similar collaborations for the development and implementation of e-Hubs across India.